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I was born in Eugene, Oregon on March 11, 1944.

I grew up and did most of my schooling in Santa Monica, California. 

I majored in philosophy as an undergraduate at Stanford University then took my Master's degree in the philosophy of education at UCLA in the mid-70's. 

After obtaining that degree, I spent several years living in the Alaska wilderness where I began writing poetry. 

I moved to New York state in 1979 and began publishing my poetry in national and international journals. 

In 1988, after returning to Alaska, I made my first trip to Taiwan as an exchange professor from Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage to the Taipei Language Institute in Taipei. 

Thereafter, I finished my PhD in education, focusing on contemporary moral education in Taiwan, at the University of Oregon, in 1992.  Having returned to Alaska to live and work, I made several more trips to Taiwan and then, in 1998, my wife, daughter and I moved from Fairbanks, Alaska to Taipei to live. 

We have been here ever since; I have pursued my writing, painting and teaching activities. 

I have published writings on life readings, moral education, semiotics, theoretical biology, power, change and language. 

In December, 2004 I published my third book of poetry, My Book Of Nature, which is now available through   

My fourth book of poetry, Divergent Grain, was published in October, 2006 and is also available on


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