Oscar  brenifier


Docteur en philosophie, formateur, consultant en philosophie, philosophie pour enfants, didactique de la philosophie, ateliers de philosophie.




43 rue Antonin Georges Belin

95100 Argenteuil

Tél. : 01 30 76 06 24

Fax : 01 39 96 04 20

e-mail : alcofrib@club-internet.fr


Born September 4th 1954, in Oran (Algeria)

French and Canadian citizen

Married, 3 children


-         B. A.  Biology (Ottawa University - Canada)

-         Doctor in philosophy (Sorbonne - Paris IV)

-         Specialization in didactics of philosophy and practical philosophy


-   Philosophy workshops in France in more than thirty different countries (Algeria, China, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Mexico, Lebanon, Mali, Norway, USA…), in different schools and levels (elementary schools, high schools, colleges, normal schools, etc.) and outside of school : cultural centers, libraries, prisons, homeless shelters, etc. 

-   Teacher training (philosophy with children, philosophy workshops)

-         Philosophy consultant

-         Chairman of the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques

-         Chief organizer of the “New philosophical practices” international conference at the Unesco 2006



-         “ L’apprenti philosophe” (The apprentice philosopher) (Collection of eight different titles for young adults and adults / Nathan school Editors) Art and beauty – Conscience, unconscious and subject – Freedom and determinism – State and society – Work and technique – Reason and sensible – Opinion, knowledge and truth – Time, existence and death –

Each one of these books is based on dialogues between a teacher and his student, shows the difficulties of thinking, and links the dialogues to classical theories and a selection of short texts.

-         “Philozenfants” (Philosophy for children) (Collection of eight different albums for 7- 12 years old) What is bad and good? – What is life? – What are feelings? – What is me? – What is knowledge? – What is living together? – What is freedom? – What is art?

Each one of these books, well illustrated, puts forward a number of major questions on the theme, proposes different types of answer, and then more questions on these answers.

-         “ Enseigner par le débat ” (Teaching through debate ) (Éditions CRDP de Rennes – Ministry of education)

Handbook for teachers on how to organize a philosophical discussion in the classroom, with some theoretical issues and five practical schemes described.

-         Contes philosophiques (Philosophical tales) Éditions Alcofribas Nasier

35 philosophical short stories invented by the author to reflect on different aspects of life, knowledge, metaphysics, etc.

-         - Author of the philosophical section of « À nous le Français – CE1 » (2nd grade)  and « À nous le Français – CE2 » (2nd grade) – Sedrap 

-         Director of “ Diotime - l’Agora ”, International journal of didactics of philosophy (Éditions CRDP de Montpellier – Ministry of education)

-         Numerous articles on pedagogy and philosophy, for children, teen-agers and adults

-         Philosophical chronicle in the Itinérant, weekly for the homeless

-         Monthly chronicle in the Journal des Instituteurs (Teacher’s journal)

-         Monthly philosophical discussion with children, in a school CDROM Mobliclic (Éditions Milan multimédia)

-         Publications in progress: Philosophy in elementary school (CRDP – Ministry of education)


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