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Editorial Board and Research Referee
Arab Journal For Security Sciences. NAASS, KSA   
Mutah Journal For Scientific Research. Mutah University, Jordan
Aledary Journal. Public Administration Institute, KSA.
Dirasat Journal. Jordan University, Jordan.
Al-Manar Journal. Alalbeat University, Jordan.
Abhath Al-Yarmouk Journal, Yarmouk University, Jordan

Professional Membership
Society of Friends of Scientific Research at Universities in Jordan SFSRUJ.
American Sociological Association

Society for Applied Sociology
Sociology, Computers & Networking
Information Communication & Society

Academic Awards
Name appears in the first edition of Who's Who Among International Students in American Universities & Colleges, USA.
K-S International Scholarship (Japan). Office of International. Education and Programs WMU, USA.
Graduate student outstanding scholarship recognition. Department Sociology, Western Michigan University, USA.   
Research Award - Graduate College. Western Michigan University, USA. 
Assistantship Award- Graduate College. WMU , USA.
Shoman Youth Researches Award, (Research Recognition ).
NAASS Distinguished Performers Award. KSA.
NAASS Recognition Award, KSA.
Distinguished Research Award, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research  

Recognition Awards
Minister of Kuwait Trade, Commerce and Social Development. 
President, UAE University, UAE
Dean, College of Shareea and law . UAE University, UAE
Ministry of Interior, UAE
Jordan Public Safety
Prince Naif  Ben Abedalaziz award, Chairman, NAASS, KSA

01. (1995) Drugs: A Disease of the Modern life. Amman: Ministry of Youth
02. (1999) Guide to Writing Theses and Dissertations. Studies & Research Center. Riyadh: Naif Arab  Academy for Security Sciences. 
03.(1999) Academic Curricula and the Security Colleges. Studies & Research Center. Riyadh: Naif
Arab Academy for Security Sciences. 
04. (1999) Crimes in the Arab Society: Reality & Trends. Studies & Research Center. Riyadh: Naif
Arab Academy for Security Sciences.
05. (2002) Crimes in the Arab World: Reality & Trends.2d edition  Studies & Research Center. Riyadh: Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences.  
06. (2002) Security and Information Warfare.  Amman: Dar Al-Shorook
07. (2003)   Utilization of Nassís Program by Arab Security Organizations.  Riyadh: Studies &  Research Center. Naif Arab Academy for Security Sciences.
08. (2004) APA Publication Manual (trans. 4th ed). Dar AlManahej. Amman-Jordan.    
09. (2004) Truism Security. Riyadh: Studies & Research Center. Naif Arab University for Security  Sciences.
10. (2004) Security in Globalization Age. Higher Council for Youth. Amman. Jordan. 11. (2006) APA Publication Manual (trans. 5th ed). Dar AlManahej. Amman-Jordan.
11. (2006) Security and Information Warfare (2d ed).  Amman: Dar Al-Shorook


Books Forthcoming

01.  Introduction to Family violence 
02. Human Rights in the Arab Society
03. Writing Theses and Dissertation: from start to finish.
04. Development and Terrorism
Chapter in Books
01.  (1997). The Theoretical Explanations of Femaleís Crimes.  In Cairo Demographic Center (pp 71-91).  (Ed.), Population and Security in Arab Society (pp.). Cairo: Author.
02.  (1998).  Urbanization and Crime. In Arab Urban Development Institute (Ed.), The City and Squatter  Settlements (pp. 1-52). Hamriyyat Mekenes, Morocco: Author.
03.  (1999). Demographic Factors and the Security Challenges in the 21st century in Arab Society.  In  Cairo Demographic Center, (Ed.), Security Reflections of Population and Development in   Arab World (pp. 1-21). Cairo: Author.
04.  (1999). Economic and Technological Developments and Organized Crimes. In Studies and   Research Center at Naif Arab Academy For Security Sciences (NAASS) (Ed.), Organized   Crime and Encountering Measures (pp. 190-223). Riyadh: Author.
05.  (1999). Computer and Internet Crimes. In Studies and Research Center at Naif Arab Academy For  Security Sciences (NAASS) (Ed.), Typology of Modern Crime Types (pp. 93-124). Riyadh:   Author.
06.  (2001). Modern Crimes Types and Applied Research. In Studies and Research Center at Naif Arab  Academy For Security Sciences (NAASS) (Ed.), Application of Research  in Crime Control  (pp. ). Riyadh: Author.
07.  (2001). Attitude, Belief and Public Opinion Formation. In Studies and Research Center at Naif Arab  Academy For Security Sciences (NAASS) (Ed.), Formation of Public Opinion against Crime   (pp.). Riyadh: Author.
08.  (2001). Education and Future Challenges of the Arab World. In Studies and Research Center, Naif  Arab Academy For Security Sciences (NAASS) (Ed.)Education and Security. Riyadh:  Author.

Over 43 Publications in Scientific Journals


Over 17 Conference Chairmanship & Organizer


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