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Oleg Vasilyevich Inshakov was born on June, 30, 1952 in Ukraine. In 1953 his family had moved to Rostov-on-Don where he finished secondary school.

1996 - Doctor of Sciences (Economics).
1995 - was elected Rector of Volgograd State University;
1993 - Professor;
1986 - 1995 Dean of Economics School, Vice Rector;
1983 - Senior Research Fellow;
1981 - Candidate of Sciences (Economics);
1978 - finished post-graduate studies at Rostov University;
1974 - graduated from Rostov University (Economics School);

Oleg V. Inshakov published more than 160 academic works, book chapters, journal articles, reports etc. His 4 monographs and 5 textbooks were awarded the first prizes at the competitions organized by the Russian Ministry of Education.
His academic works concentrate on the fundamental and applied problems of the process of economic systems evolution and transformation, development of agroindustrial complex in Russia and economic mechanisms of educational reforms.

Oleg V. Inshakov leads the group of scholars examining the problems of mechanism of Russian economic system modernization. 29 Candidates and 6 Doctors of Sciences have already received their academic degrees under his guidance.

Oleg V. Inshakov is the head of Volgograd Region Branches of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher Educational Institutions, of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and of The Southern Regional Section of Social Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

For his prominent academic and research work Oleg V. Inshakov has been awarded with the honorary titles of "Honored Scientist of the Russian Higher Educational Institutions", "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation".

Major monographs published by Oleg V. Inshakov:

bulletMechanism of social and market transformation and sustainable development of the agroindustrial complex of the Russian Federation (Mekhanism sotsial'no-rynochnoy transformatsii APK Rossii. Izd-vo VolGU, 1995);
bulletEconomic and Institutional Mechanisms: Correlation and Interrelation in the conditions of Social and Market Transformation of the Russian Economy (Khozyaystvennii i institutsional'nii mekhanizmi: sootnosheniye i vzaimodeystviye v usloviyah sotsil'no-rynochnoi transformatsii rossiyskoi ekonomiki. Vestnik VolGU, 2000, Seriya 3, V. 5);
bulletFormation of Wholesale Food Market System - peculiarities of transitional Economy. Economic History of Russia: Problems, Searches and Solutions (Formirovaniye sistemi optovih prodovol'stvennih rinkov - zakonomernost' perekhodnoi ekonomiki. Ekonomicheskaya istoriya Rossii: problemi, poiski, resheniya. Ezhegodnik, V. 2, Izd-vo VolGU, 2000);
bulletFactors and Functions of Human Existence: discovering new measuring system (Faktori i funktsii chelovecheskogo bitiya: obreteniye novoi meri. Izd-vo VolGU, 2001);
bulletInstitutional trends in the Russian Economic Science in 9th -21st centuries. (Institutsionalizm v rossiiskoi ekonomicheskoi mysli (IX - XXI veka). 2 Vols. Izd - vo VolGU, 2003).



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