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PhD, philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1976

Studied also at the graduate schools of the universities of Lille, Paris and Tel Aviv, (philosophy, economics, cognitive psychology) and accomplished a program in family therapy.

I teach philosophy since 1967 (Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and various colleges in Israel and abroad. I am actually affiliated to Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, Ramat Gan, Israel.  I also practice philosophical counseling.

My main fields of research are theory of knowledge, the philosophy of science and in particular social science, theory of self and of action, and the philosophical sources, presuppositions and implications of various schools of psychoanalysis.

I am interested in the problems of intersubjectivity since my work on my doctoral dissertation, which compared the approaches of Schutz, Wittgenstein and Levi-Strauss to problems of self-knowledge, intersubjectivity, and sociation...


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