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“Theories and religions in general, and the human and social sciences in particular, rest on implicit philosophical presuppositions and their analyses have tacit philosophical implications. It is within the responsibility of philosophers to bring problematic “hidden messages” into light. ”The responsibility of the philosophical counselor is to the same with personal theories. Psychoanalysis pretends to do the same, but replaces Socratic rational questioning with dubious methods for the alleged reconstruction of forgotten associative changes. It thereby rediscovers its own, rather than the patients’, presuppositions and implications.”    

“The Cartesian heritage leads to solipsism, and we cannot overcome it as long as we stick to the illusion of omnipotence and omniscience of the Ego with regards to himself. Such an Ego needs other Egos in order to share with them an objective world, but cannot explain how he can identify Egos like himself that are not himself”.

“Despite their differences, Existentialists, Wittgenstein, Levi-Strauss and Freud share the view that the knowledge of the other precedes self knowledge and enables it – to the extent that persons are at all knowable…”.

“Nihilists sometimes remind me of a child that breaks all his toys and then complain of not having any”. 


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