May 28, Monday

14.30 – 16.00: Round table with the editors of the "Philosophy and Society" Journal   – room 4-01 A  
Ivan Gobozov, Editor-in-Chief (Moscow); Leonid Grinin, Publisher  (Volgograd)


May 29, Tuesday

14.30 –  16.10: Round table of Presidium of Russian Philosophical Society (RPS) and The Bulletin of RPS – room 2-01 A.  
                           Moderators: Alexander Chumakov, vice-president of RPS, Igor Liseev,   Naum Yaroschuk, Valery Adrov, Sergei Pavlov, Andrei Korolyov (Moscow).

14.30 – 17.30: Round Table "Human Being and Philosophy of Diversity" – room 2-01 A. 
                          Moderators: Viorel Guliciuc (Romania),  Joăo Vila-Cha (Portugal), Yolanda Angulo    (Mexico), Emilia Guliciuc (Romania), Diab Al-Badayneh (Jordan), Yoshiaki Nagano   (Japan), Kuruvilla Pandikattu (India), Alexander Chumakov (Russia), Marion Ledwig
  (USA), Nikolay Omelchenko (Russia)
                           Topics:  universality of Being / universality of Human Being; diversity of Being and of Human Being;  universality or universalities ?; the Manifesto of the Philosophy of Diversity; issues in the philosophy of diversity; for a philosophical group on human diversity;

May 31, Thursday

14.30 – 16.30: Round table “Human Being, Sign and Machine” – room 2-01 A.   
                          Moderators: Lorenzo Magnani (Italy), Diab Al-Badayneh (Jordan), Emanuel Gruengard  (Israel), Jose Maria Paz Gago (Spain), Colin Schmidt (France), Viorel Guliciuc (Romania), Alexander Pigalev (Russia), Igor Nevvazhai (Russia), Vassily Friauf (Russia) 
machines as mimetic and semiotic minds;  meaning and AI - accepting the strong definition?; semiosis; semiotic brains and artificial minds;   machines as moral mediators; dehumanizing, reifying humans and machines; humanisation of machines and human cloning; universality or universalities of Sign and of Machine ? for a philosophical group on Human Being, Sign and Machine

14.30 – 16.30: Round table “Anthropological Prospects in the XXI Century” – room 2-05 V.
Moderators: Tadeush Adulo (Belarus), Igor Liseev (Russia), Jozef Sivák (Slovakia),    Kuruvilla Pandikattu (India), Marion Ledwig (USA), Yolanda Angulo (Mexico),    Ömer Özer (Turkey), Farida Mailenova (Russia), Emilia Guliciuc (Romania),  Vladimir Gasilin (Russia)


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