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B.Sc. Comp-Ling (Prag.) Manchester,
MA Phil.(Lang), M.Phil. CogSci.
Ph.D. Comm (mj. Cog. Epistemology). Sorbonne

Colin Schmidt was born and raised in Canada.
After having chosen to study abroad in Europe, he settled in France (the sister-city to Laval Québec --Laval France-- is home for him).
Schmidt teaches how-to courses in the Laval Technological Institute.
But he remains plagued with questions about the relation between technology and society.
His writings, both practical and theoretical, often poignant, approach this relation from various points of view.
Some are explicitly foundational and study the logical essence of the relation itself or examine "official" discourses while others represent more applications-based provocative thought that illustrate examples from the fields of Human-Computer Interaction, Humanoid Robotics and (mediated) Interpersonal Communication.
For Schmidt the consequences of placing technical objects before individuals are of the utmost importance for the evolution of society; hence the impossibility this author has for not delving into interrogations on where human society would like to see itself in the future.
Notions such as Intentionality, reference, post-cognitivism, categorisation, epistemology and the Self figure prominently in his work.
His research is beginning to show its success in variant forums of thought thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the questions raised.

As laboratory member, Schmidt is hosting a Conference called i-C&P 2006 Laval at his Institute.
For more up-to-date information:
i-CaP 2006 website


Selected Writings

SCHMIDT C.T.A. (working draft), Artificial Beings, Emotions and Rights DOC .
SCHMIDT C.T.A. (2005) "Of Robots and Believing", Minds and Machines. Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Kluwer RESUME / PDF proofs
SCHMIDT C.T.A. & KRAEMER F. (2004), "A Terminological Stance on Artificial Autonomy", 'Invited Plenary Speaker Presentation' at the International Conference on Autonomous Robots and Agents (ICARA 2004), 13-15 December, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand: The IEEE Press, p. 350-355, ISBN 0 476-00994-4, cf. PDF
SCHMIDT C.T.A. (2004), "Let Me Introduce You to My Non-Agent", in SCHAUB H., DETJE F. & BRÜGGEMANN U. (Eds.) The Logic of Artificial Life, Berlin: Aka-Verlag/IOS Press, p. 122-127.
SCHMIDT C.T. (2001), L'esprit et la machine, une  ommunauté conceptrice à l'œuvre. Lille : Presses Universitaires de Septentrion (500p).
SCHMIDT C.T.A. (1997), "Pragmatically Pristine, the Dialogical Cause", 'Open Peer Community Invited Commentary' on MELE A., "Real Self-deception", Behavioral and Brain Sciences, vol. 20:1, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. 126: Abstract
SCHMIDT C.T.A. (1997), "The Systemics of Dialogism: On the Prevalence of the Self in HCI Design", Special Topic Issue on 'Human-Computer Interface', Journal of the American Society for Information Science, vol. 48 nº 11 Nov. Wiley & Sons, p. 1073-1081. Cf. Abstract


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