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25 March 1945: born in TRENČIANSKA TEPLÁ  (District of Trenčín, West   Slovakia);

1963-68: studied philosophy, mathematics and political economy at Comenius University of  Bratislava; organised international works of youth in France;

1968-79: study   sojourns   at   Rennes,   Strasbourg,   Cologne and Paris Universities  and  searcher  at  CNRS (Centre  National de  la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 1975-79);  collaborated on  the redaction of Bulletin Signalétique, Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale,  Revue  Philosophique de la France  et  de l'Etranger, Analecta  Husserliana, etc.; began  preparation  of a "Doctorat d'Etat" at the University of  Paris I (theme: Notion de métaphysique chez Husserl. Examen de la phénoménologie et ses perspectives; reporters: Prof.  J.-T. Desanti, now Prof. R. Barbaras); participated in  several international conferencies and  congresses  of philosophy (Husserl, Patočka, Comenius, Canguilhem, etc.) including 16th World Congress of Philosophy (Düsseldorf,1978);

1979-89: returned to the  former  Czecho-Slovakia; unemployed; independent searcher;   classificator at University Library of Bratislava; translator; prosecution of the contribution  to foreign reviews  and  in  proportion  to  the liberation of the regime, to Czech and Slovak reviews; lecturer of French and German languages and in  a "flying university"; wrote an historical-critical study Les philosophes "officiels" tchèque et slovaques: qui sont-ils,  que font-ils? Introduction à une philosophie non officielle (163 p., typ.); translating (in Slovak) of Vie et combats de la foi by P.A.- M. BESNARD, o.p. (published  by  Publishing  House Lúč in 1994); denied  the right  travel in  West in  spite  of  several invitations;

1989-     equivalence of French Diploma; researcher at Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV); invited   in France by  CNRS for a 6 month sojourn; finished writing a thesis (Comparing of the phenomenological technics  by  Husserl and by Merleau-Ponty) which  was defended at   the Institute of Philosophie of SAV (6/01/1993 and published by Publishing House Veda in 1996; invited by "Archives Husserl à Louvain" (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) for a 3 months research sojourn; since 1994 lecturer (history of contemporary philosophy) at Faculty of Theology, University of Trnava; grant director of seminar on Husserlian phenomenology (1994-); deputy director at Academia Istropolitana, Institute of Advanced Studies (Bratislava) (sept. 96-april 97); translating (in Slovak) of Temps et récit, Vol. II by P. RICOEUR (published 2004); participated in   international congresses  of the Association des Sociétés de  Philosophie de Langue française (ASPLF) and of the World Phenomenology Institute (WPI, Hanover, N.H.), expert at Council of Europe as member of the Advisory Commitee of on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (1998-2002); participed in XXIst World Congress of Philosophy (Instanbul, 2003); continuation in research of Husserlian Phenomenology at Institute of Philosophy; the french (principle) thesis in completion.


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